100 Posts!

Can you believe it?  I have been waiting to be able to finally tag “Day1xx”, and that day is finally here!

I could say something momentous on this occasion.  But I’m not sure that’s really necessary — you can imagine that keeping a blog running for 100 weeks with (hopefully!) interesting posts on mathematics, creativity, and art is momentous emough.

But I have been running into a problem:  my blog is getting harder to search.  For example, I just got five pages of results by searching for “fractal”!  So I thought I’d put together an index of all my blog posts, organized by category.

I hope this is of use to newer followers — you might like certain topics better than others, and this way you can easily look at older posts related to the ones you like.

The category a post is listed under is what I consider its primary category — but rarely does a single post only address on topic.  But surely this index is a step in the right direction.

And lastly, I would like to thank all my followers for encouraging to keep me going.  I get an email every time someone likes or comments — and I appreciate each one. Thanks again!

A.  Introduction

  1. Day001, What Is Mathematics?

B.  Mathematical and Digital Art

  1. Day002, Josef Albers and Interaction of Color.
  2. Day011, Evaporation I.
  3. Day012, Evaporation II.
  4. Day015, Geometrical Dissections II: Four to One.
  5. Day022, Envelopes III:  Art and Randomness
  6. Day029, The Joy of Ink I.
  7. Day030, The Joy of Ink II.
  8. Day054, Color I: Opacity and Josef Albers.
  9. Day055, Color II: Opacity and Josef Albers.

C.  Mathematical Puzzles

  1. Day003, CrossNumber Puzzles.
  2. Day005, Cryptarithms.
  3. Day010, ColorSlide Puzzles.
  4. Day018, Roman Numeral Puzzles.
  5. Day024, Logic Puzzles I.
  6. Day025, Logic Puzzles II.
  7. Day031, Number Searches I.
  8. Day032, Number Searches II.
  9. Day109, Beguiling Games I:  Nic-Nac-No.
  10. Day114, Beguiling Games II:  Nuh-Uh!
  11. Day119, Beguiling Games III:  Splotch!
  12. Day122, Knights and Rogues.
  13. Day125, Beguiling Games IV:  Scruffle.
  14. Day132, More CrossNumber Puzzles.

D.  Two-Dimensional Geometry

  1. Day004, Hexominoes and Cube Nets.
  2. Day014, Geometrical Dissections I.
  3. Day020, Envelopes I.
  4. Day021, Envelopes II:  Making Spirals.
  5. Day074, The Ravioli Equation.
  6. Day106, Polygons.
  7. Day118, Geometrical Dissections III:  Octagons and Dodecagons.

E.  Pedagogy

  1. Day006, Day163 (reprise), The Problem with Calculus Textbooks.
  2. Day013, Writing Original Problems.
  3. Day023Day093 (reprise), The Problem with Grades.
  4. Day026, On Grading.
  5. Day028, International Dodecahedron Day 2016!
  6. Day158, Teaching Three-Dimensional Geometry, I.
  7. Day160, Teaching Three-Dimensional Geometry, II.
  8. Day161, Teaching Three-Dimensional Geometry, III.
  9. Day164, On Assessment, I.
  10. Day165, On Assessment, II.
  11. Day166, On Assessment, III.
  12. Day167, On Assessment, IV.
  13. Day168, On Assessment, V.

F.  Koch Curves and Related Topics

  1. Day007, Creating Fractals.
  2. Day008, Creating Fractals II: Recursion vs. Iteration.
  3. Day009, Creating Fractals III: Making Your Own.
  4. Day027, Creating Fractals IV:  Results!
  5. Day033, New Koch Snowflakes.
  6. Day062, Koch Curves and Canopies.
  7. Day065, p-adic Numbers I: When Big is Small.
  8. Day067, p-adic Numbers II: When Big is Small.

G.  Essays

  1. Day016, On Mathematical Creativity I.
  2. Day017, On Mathematical Creativity II.
  3. Day019, Writing a Math Blog.

H.  Iterated Function Systems

  1. Day034, Creating Fractals V:  Iterated Function Systems I.
  2. Day035, Creating Fractals VI:  Iterated Function Systems II.
  3. Day036, Creating Fractals VII:  Iterated Function Systems III.

I.  Programming and Coding

  1. Day037, Creating Fractals VIII:  PostScript Programming.
  2. Day058, On Coding I.
  3. Day060, On Coding II: LISP.
  4. Day064, On Coding III: LISP to Mathematica.
  5. Day068, On Coding IV: Mathematica.
  6. Day075, On Coding V: Postscript.
  7. Day078, On Coding VI: HTML.
  8. Day082, On Coding VII: LaTeX I.
  9. Day085, On Coding VIII: LaTeX II.
  10. Day092, On Coding IX: Computer Graphics I.
  11. Day099, On Coding X: Computer Graphics II.
  12. Day107, On Coding XI: Computer Graphics III, POV-Ray.
  13. Day117, On Coding XII:  Python.
  14. Day121, On Coding XIII:  Retrospective.

J.  Mathematics and Art Conferences

  1. Day038, Bridges:  Mathematics and Art I.
  2. Day049, Bridges:  Mathematics and Art II.
  3. Day050, Vienna!  (Symmetry Conference 2016).
  4. Day053, Bridges: Mathematics and Art III. Jyvaskyla, Finland!
  5. Day083, Art Exhibition: Golden Section 2017.
  6. Day105, Bridges 2017 in Waterloo, Canada!
  7. Day134, Art Exhibition: Golden Section 2018.
  8. Day169, Jagodina, Serbia:  2018.

K.  Processing

  1. Day039, Making Movies with Processing I.
  2. Day040, Making Movies with Processing II.
  3. Day041, Making Movies with Processing III.
  4. Day042, Making Movies with Processing IV.
  5. Day043, Making Movies with Processing V.
  6. Day044, Making Movies with Processing VI.
  7. Day108, To Processing I.
  8. Day110, Using Processing for the First Time.
  9. Day113, Creating Animated GIFs in Processing.

L.  Mathematics and Digital Art Course

  1. Day045, Mathematics and Digital Art I.
  2. Day046, Mathematics and Digital Art II.
  3. Day047, Mathematics and Digital Art III.
  4. Day048, Mathematics and Digital Art IV.
  5. Day057, Digital Art I: End of Week 2 (Fall 2016).
  6. Day059, Digital Art II: End of Week 4 (Fall 2016).
  7. Day061, Digital Art III: End of Week 6 (Fall 2016).
  8. Day063, Digital Art IV: End of Week 8 (Fall 2016).
  9. Day066, Digital Art V: End of Week 11 (Fall 2016).
  10. Day069, Digital Art VI: End of Week 14 (Fall 2016).
  11. Day071, Digital Art VII: Final Projects! (Fall 2016).
  12. Day072, Digital Art VIII: The End (Fall 2016).
  13. Day081, Mathematics and Digital Art: Update 1 (Spring 2017).
  14. Day086, Mathematics and Digital Art: Update 2 (Spring 2017).
  15. Day090, Mathematics and Digital Art: Update 3 (Spring 2017).
  16. Day094, Mathematics and Digital Art: Final Update (Spring 2017).
  17. Day112, Mathematics and Digital Art: Update 1 (Fall 2017).
  18. Day115, Mathematics and Digital Art: Update 2 (Fall 2017).
  19. Day123, Mathematics and Digital Art: Final Update (Fall 2017).

M.  Guest Bloggers

  1. Day051, Guest Blogger:  Geoffrey Owen Miller, I.
  2. Day052, Guest Blogger:  Geoffrey Owen Miller, II.
  3. Day096, Guest Blogger: Percival Q. Plumtwiddle, I.
  4. Day097, Guest Blogger: Percival Q. Plumtwiddle, II.
  5. Day154, Transforming Mathematics Education:  BAMAS, X.
  6. Day155, Guest Blogger:  Scott Kim, II.
  7. Day156, Guest Blogger:  Scott Kim, III.
  8. Day157, Guest Blogger:  Scott Kim, IV.

N.  Milestones

  1. Day056, Celebrating One Year!

O.  Imagifractalous!

  1. Day070, Imagifractalous! 1: How it all began.
  2. Day073, Imagifractalous! 2: p-adic sequences.
  3. Day077, Imagifractalous! 3: Fractal Binary Trees.
  4. Day087, Imagifractalous! 4: Fractal Binary Trees II.
  5. Day088, Imagifractalous! 5: Fractal Binary Trees III.
  6. Day089, Imagifractalous! 6: Imagifractalous!
  7. Day103, Imagifractalous! 7: Fractal Binary Trees IV.

P.  What is a Geometry?

  1. Day076, What is a Geometry?
  2. Day079, What is…Taxicab Geometry?
  3. Day084, What is…Spherical Geometry?
  4. Day091, What is…Inversive Geometry?
  5. Day095, More on: What is…Inversive Geometry?
  6. Day101, What is…Projective Geometry?
  7. Day102, More on:  What is…Projective Geometry?
  8. Day104, Still more on:  What is…Inversive Geometry?
  9. Day152, What is….A Polygon?

Q.  Miscellaneous Mathematics

  1. Day080, A New Cantor Set?
  2. Day098, The One Four Conjecture.
  3. Day147, Pythagorean Triples.
  4. Day153, Circle Geometry.

R.  Bay Area Mathematical Artists

  1. Day111, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, I.
  2. Day116, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, II.
  3. Day120, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, III.
  4. Day124, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, IV.
  5. Day131, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, V.
  6. Day135, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, VI.
  7. Day140, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, VII.
  8. Day144, Bay Area Mathematical Artists, VIII.
  9. Day149, Still Moving On (and BAMAS IX)….
  10. Day154, Transforming Mathematics Education:  BAMAS, X.
  11. Day159, Bay Area Mathematical Artists Seminars, XI.

S.  In Memory of Fr. Magnus J. Wenninger, O.S.B.

  1. Day 126, Fr. Magnus Wenninger, O.S.B, I.
  2. Day 127, Fr. Magnus Wenninger, O.S.B, II.
  3. Day 128, Fr. Magnus Wenninger, O.S.B, III.
  4. Day 129, Fr. Magnus Wenninger, O.S.B, IV.
  5. Day 130, Fr. Magnus Wenninger, O.S.B, V.

T.  The Puzzle Archives.

  1. Day133, The Puzzle Archives, I.
  2. Day136, The Puzzle Archives, II.

U.  Calculus

  1. Day006, The Problem with Calculus Textbooks.
  2. Day137, The Geometry of Polynomials.
  3. Day138, Calculus:  Linear Approximations, I.
  4. Day139, Calculus:  Linear Approximations, II.
  5. Day141, Calculus:  The Geometry of Polynomials, II.
  6. Day142, Calculus:  Hyperbolic Trigonometry, I.
  7. Day143, Calculus:  Hyperbolic Trigonometry, II.
  8. Day145, Calculus:  Hyperbolic Trigonometry, III.
  9. Day146, Calculus:  Hyperbolic Trigonometry, IV.
  10. Day150, Calculus VII:  Approximations.  [Not sure how the numbering got off….]
  11. Day151, Calculus VIII:  Miscellaneous Problems, I.

V.  Truly Miscellaneous….

  1. Day148, Moving Out and Moving On….
  2. Day149, Still Moving On (and BAMAS IX)….

W.  Polyhedra

  1. Day162, Enumerating the Platonic Solids.
  2. Day174, My Polyhedra Textbook, I.
  3. Day175, My Polyhedra Textbook, II.

X.  Four-Dimensional Geometry

  1. Day170, The Fourth Dimension, I.
  2. Day171, The Fourth Dimension, II.
  3. Day172, The Fourth Dimension, III.
  4. Day173, The Fourth Dimension, IV.